My Exclusive Florence for Kids
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On 2017/06/08
Eddie Wong said:

Ishmael is Excellent

Ishmael led us on a fascinating food tour in and around the famed Mercado in Florence. After sampling tasty pizza dough poppers and lattes, we ventured into the indoor central market (mercado) and met several family owned businesses that sold olive oil, cheese, and other goodies. I'm not a huge foodie but enjoyed the food and learning about the process of aging olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We also had a full lunch at a local restaurant with delicious pasta and oxtail. I can't say enough superlatives about Ishmael. He is knowledgeable, personable and attentive. I would love to invite him over for dinner in San Francisco so that we can continue our conversations about food, music and art. There's so much more than food on a tour with Ishmael. Peace and blessing on to you. Ciao, Florence. We will return.

On 2017/06/04
Marita said:

Artviva guides set a high standard

I booked Artviva's Original Florence Walk for 5 people and the Uffizi and David tours for three people. Our Artviva guides lived up to their reputation for being extremely knowledgeable about the city and its many wonders and their ability to transmit it all in flawless English was amazing. We really could not have wished for more. It was also great to spread this tour package over three days -- more time to take in all the interesting stories that we were offered. Special thanks to Barbara and Brenda for sharing their passion.

On 2017/05/24
Kathy Harris said:

Florence walking tour

During a recent visit to Florence I was on a small group walking tour called "Sites and Statues" with tour guide Brenda. It was a delight spending the time with Brenda as she shared her stories and her knowledge of her beloved Florence. Thanks ArtViva for sharing Brenda with us!

On 2017/05/02
John Aldeborgh said:

Just A Fantastic Tour

We took the tour of the Uffizi Gallery on April 22nd with Loredana as our guide. Just an outstanding way to see the museum as you get the opportunity to merge the art with the history of Florence and the Medici family history. If you love art history and the renaissance then Florence and the Uffizi have to be on your bucket list. Loredana is an outstanding guide, she is very personable and a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on both the art in the gallery as well as history of Florence and the renaissance. A great way to spend an afternoon.

On 2017/04/02
Kathleen O Pierce said:

We were a group of 6 that had taken 4 tours in Florence and loved all of them. This tour in Rome was significantly different. This tour is not for the faint of heart. It is crowded and loud and tiring. I would never do it again even though our tour guide, Rosie, was great.

On 2017/04/02
Kathleen O Pierce said:

Elisabetta gave us the two hour tour at the Uffizi Gallery. She was an EXCELLENT tour guide. We had a group of 6 and she held all of our attention. I would highly recommend this tour and this tour guide.

On 2017/04/02
Kathleen O Pierce said:

We loved our tour to visit the David with Claas. It is only an hour long, and it is a MUST if visiting Florence. The only issue was that it was crowded and Claas did not hold his microphone up to his mouth, but pinned it on his shirt. There was a lot of background noise, walking to the tour, and inside the building. I would highly recommend he talk slower and hold his microphone to make the tour even better. I would highly recommend this.

On 2017/04/02
Kathleen O Pierce said:

Our family of 6 spent the day visiting Tuscany with Stefan. We had a glorious day. Stefan was knowledgeable and fun...we learned so much. I highly recommend this tour! Couldn't have been better!

On 2016/11/04
Tasha said:

BEST way to see Rome

My husband and I were on our honeymoon and booked the "Original Rome Walk" for a Monday afternoon on Halloween; it ended up being a private tour with our guide Sylvie and it was FANTASTIC! She was super knowledgeable and funny, and took the time to answer my husband's multiple questions. The tour itself was also great - I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting Rome!

On 2016/11/02
Dawn Everidge said:

Tour of a lifetime

My friend and I took the Genius of Michelangelo Tour by Artviva and it was absolutely brilliant, the highlight of our time in Florence!! We cannot recommend it enough!! Our tour guide was fabulous, a riveting former art history professor, who brought The Renaissance to life for us as he guided us through Florence. His stories pulled us back to the Florence known to Michelangelo and his contemporaries. The crowds disappeared for us as we were transported through time and were guided to Michelangelo's well-known and lesser known works. Ultimately the masses literally parted for us, momentarily, as we realized the dream of a lifetime, seeing his masterpiece, The David. It was the tour of a lifetime that we never wanted to end!

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You may choose from one of the following Private, Exclusive Florence for Kids options:

Florence For Kids 
Have a wild boar grant you a wish, discover who was buried alive near the Duomo, discover fascinating tales about the grandest monuments, hear interesting stories about the creation of artistic treasures... all this (and much more!) on a light entertaining tour that is a great introduction to Florence for children. We look at Florence from a 'young perspective' and see where the children of the Medici (the rulers of Florence) used to play, before heading off to see a roaring lion, medieval palaces, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, the Straw Market, towers and glimmering artworks, all while hearing amazing stories, before concluding with Italy's most delicious tradition: gelato. 

Uffizi Gallery for Kids
Art museums don't have to be boring! Discover strange animals, find out what "grotesque" painting is, hear about some of the strange ingredients used to make paint, learn why Venus is floating on a giant shell...all whilst traipsing around the most famous collection of Renaissance art in the world! Please note that this activity is not available Mondays as the museums are closed.

David and the Life of Michelangelo for Kids
Learn about the life of Michelangelo as we visit the most famous sculpture in the world! Children and adults alike love seeing Michelangelo's David. Please note that this activity is not available Mondays because museums are closed.

Palazzo Vecchio - Children's Museum
Hear about some of the strange laws once passed by the government that even determined what colour you would be allowed to wear! Visit Florence's Town Hall and walk in the steps of Grand Duke Cosimo I and his children as we explore where they once lived. Please note that Thursdays, this activity is only available in the morning.

Artisan of Florence for Kids
Meet tradtional craftspeople who use traditional methods to create artefacts like shoes, picture frames, books, and jewellery, just like has been done for hundreds of years. This is a fascinating exploration of the artisan quarter on the other side of the Arno River.

The Piazza as Playground for Kids
Piazzas have always been the heart of the Florentine life, and children have been coming to them for hundreds of years to watch spectacles and to play. Come with us as we discover a wheel where baby orphans found care, count bees that are nearly impossible to add up, hear a ghostly tale, and learn about jousts and bloody soccer matches still held today!

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